about Spectrum House

Education, Understanding, and Skills for Life.

Our Team

Our team of psychologists are great listeners, practical thinkers and knowledgeable professionals.

We stand by our value set and strive to be constantly learning, evolving and developing our skills, knowledge and ability to provide best practice treatment.

The Spectrum House team are neuro-affirming and believe in the power of difference. We are skilled assessors and report writers, aiming to provide assessment reports that are accurate and helpful to the client and their support team (as appropriate).

Meet our team.

Our Philosophy

At Spectrum House, we believe in supporting individuals, families and school teams with Education, Understanding and Skills for Life.

As a team of highly trained psychologists we use evidence based, best practice approaches to intervention and constantly engage in professional development and education in order to provide effective intervention and support.

To instil long term positive changes we focus our attention on functional, social and self-help skills as well as enhancing an individual’s confidence by teaching problem solving, effective communication and coping strategies, no matter the age of the client.

We take a creative and flexible approach with clients ensuring they are treated with respect to their culture, preference and ideals. With our team approach within the practice we believe in the importance of working closely with families, schools and other professionals to provide a consistent, effective approach to support and intervention.

We offer our clients Education, Understanding and Skills for Life by working closely with:
  • Children
  • Young Adults
  • Teenagers
  • Parents
  • Teachers and Other Professionals

We utilise our skills in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), psycho-eduction, and social skills training to support individuals.

Contact us for further information regarding our services and how we can help you, your family, or your student to have a greater quality of life.

Our Values


Respecting our client’s unique mental health goals and actively supporting these.


Using our strong moral compasses and ethically-sound work practises to ensure best practice.


Working with individuals, families and/or theirsupport networks, with clear communication, for a team approach to mental health.


Creating the confidence to thrive through education,understanding and skills for life.

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