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Upcoming Power Hour: Neuro-Affirmative Parenting of ADHDers (webinar)

Emma-Rose Parsons
Neuro-Affirming parenting of ADHDers - A Power Hour!
Registrations are now open!

Learn more about parenting your child in a way that is supportive of their ADHD neurotype, rather than fighting against it.

Parenting an ADHDer can be interesting! Many parenting strategies that would be used for typical children don't work and should be replaced with more affirming and supportive strategies.

This Power Hour is designed to help you parent your ADHDer in a less combative and more supportive manner. All while having your end of evening cuppa!

Practical, engaging and evidence based.


  • Thursday, 20th of October, 2022 @ 7.00-8.00pm : Registrations are closed.

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