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Workshop: Understanding and Supporting Neuro-Divergent Students

Emma-Rose Parsons
Understanding and Supporting Neuro-Divergent Students (Workshop)
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Are you an educator, teacher, learning assistant, or school psychologist responsible for teaching and supporting neuro-divergent students? Join us for an engaging and informative workshop dedicated to Understanding and Supporting Neuro-Divergent Students, including those with ADHD and autism. During this interactive day of learning, you will have the opportunity to upskill yourself and enhance your ability to provide effective support to your neuro-divergent students.

Creating a safe educational environment for neuro-divergent students is crucial as it significantly impacts their mental health and academic outcomes. Gain valuable insights and practical strategies to foster a positive learning atmosphere for these students.

Please note that while neuro-divergent individuals encompass a wide range of neuro-types, this workshop will primarily focus on the unique needs of autistic students and those with ADHD.

Key Takeaways:
  • Understand the significance of language and its impact on neuro-divergent students.
  • Explore the neuro-affirming movement and its importance in education.
  • Identify and unpack unhelpful expectations commonly found in many schools.
  • Discover actionable changes you can implement within your school to better support neuro-diversity.
  • Foster collaborative changes by working closely with your neuro-divergent students.
  • Manage the competing demands of the classroom effectively.
  • Consider beneficial modifications to the school environment, including the yard.
  • Explore communication considerations when interacting with neuro-divergent students.

Our presenter, Emma-Rose Parsons, is a highly experienced neuro-divergent psychologist, board-approved supervisor, and renowned speaker. With a decade of expertise, she opened Spectrum House in 2008, providing clinical services and supporting schools in addressing mental health concerns within the education environment. Emma-Rose delivers lively and interactive presentations that offer practical and meaningful insights.

Join us for this enlightening workshop that aligns with the relevant VRQA Standards:

  • Curriculum and Student Learning - Student learning outcomes
  • Care, Safety, and Welfare of Students - Safe environment

Don't miss this opportunity to optimize your support for neuro-divergent students and create an inclusive educational experience for all. Reserve your spot today!

Tea, coffee, and lunch will be provided.

Date: Friday, 16 June 2023

Time: 9:30 am - 3:30 pm

Location: The Sebel, Ringwood, Victoria

  • Registrations are closed.
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